Inspired by @lmao
  1. "I don't know what to tell you"
    Like, stop complaining to me because I cannot do anything about it
  2. "It's fine"
    My house might be on fire but like 🙃🙃🙃
  3. "You're fine"
    You're annoying me.
  4. "That's ok"
    I'd rather you not tell me why you're telling me.
  5. "Absolutely not"
    Pronounced: AbsoLUTEly not.
  6. "No thank you"
    When you tell me what somebody else is doing and it is dumb
  7. "Honestly"
    Not tbh but essentially
  8. "Emma while you're up...
    Can you do/get something for me?" @emmalinghwei is my roommate/life assistant
  9. "Incredible"
    I don't know why I started this I think it's @haymay 's fault.
  10. "Tension"
    Usually when some dramatic conflict is on The Bachelor.
  11. "Date me chase me"
    When I do my annual Tinder day, where I count how many boyfriends I can rack up in 24 hours. Look out for V-Day 2016.
  12. NOT "dope"
    @shacara_shacara needs to stop doing this, and I'm calling her out.