1. Listen y'all. Prague is where it's at.
  3. Ginger Fred Restaurant overlooks the entire city.
    It's made to look like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing. ❤️ and it's delicious and well priced! Everything in Prague is SO CHEAP.
  4. Look at that castle in the background!
    I didn't tour the castle, but I went to the outside on a tour.
  5. Somebody explain this to me because I am SO MAD.
    Lots of cool street vendors and talent around and on the Charles Bridge.
  6. Guys. I did a Segway tour. I'M SORRY.
    They're getting banned in Prague in two weeks because everyone hates them. Valid. They're an eye sore.
  7. BUT they're a great way to see the entire city in three hours.
    Across from the castle is a great view and a restaurant with hot stew and hot wine on a rainy day. Perfect.
  8. The Lennon Wall is a must.
    It was a powerful revolt against Communist rule that was painted over every day by the government. Now, it's just layers and layers.
  9. I was the idiot that tried going to the Old Jewish Cemetery on a Saturday. Oops.
    I've only wanted to go there since I was twelve, but whatever.
  10. Pro tip: Cafe Louvré is a huge old salon with great food. Albert Einstein and Franz Kafka used to hang out there.
    But not a tourist trap at all! It was me and mothers with their children! Just Czech people living their Czech lives!
  11. And on the last night I got sick, so this was my dinner.
  12. Mosaic House is a great hostel with a music lounge downstairs. Different events every night!
    Like karaoke where everyone wants to get on stage during Let Me Be Your Hero. Valid tbh.
  13. A city with incredible views and history. Love!
  14. Rome recap coming soon!