I made a list of rules for myself the last time I was in Europe, and it was neat. Rules get me the most out of a trip.
  1. Here we go!!!
    43 days. 14 cities. 8 countries. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.
    Except when you need to, but do it in public places so you're less likely to sleep for four hours instead of fifteen minutes. Just hold on to your backpack like a lover.
  3. Internet is for daily check ins, not hourly check ins.
  4. Make new friends.
    A lot of people are traveling solo too and also want to check out the Guinness Storehouse because why wouldn't they honestly. Don't be scared!
  5. Read good books.
    There will be a lot of train rides. Why play Two Dots when you could be challenging your brain? Gonna need it in order to figure out where in the world you're going anyway.
  6. Go to at least one piece of theatre in each city.
    This will not be possible in every city, but try! Seeing theatre in different languages? Why not! New experiences!
  7. No more than one drink in an evening.
    It's cheaper and safer that way. You still get to experience the culture, but you don't need to get sloppy.
  8. Take meaningful pictures.
    Y'know, of things you'll actually remember when you look back at them in a couple years. This is not your strong suit.
  9. Take pictures of people.
    Stories only exist when two people have an interaction. Remember those people.
  10. Do karaoke somewhere.
    Just sounds fun.
  11. Walk.
    Get some exercise, you will be eating A LOT. Also a better way to see the world around you.
  12. Try not to make a checklist of places to go.
    It becomes about the checklist instead of the experience.
  13. If you break some rules, don't beat yourself up.
    "Do whatcha gotta, you're gonna anyway." - A paraphrased quote from my dialect teachers mom.
  14. ~~~~
  15. I leave tonight.
  16. Had to say goodbye to @shacara_shacara I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT
    Dead eyes for @lesbian
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  19. I'm gonna try and give a recap for every city; I know it was really helpful for me to read others' suggestions when I was planning.
  20. ✌️