1. As I watch season two of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai has doubts about opening her own inn.
  2. And the most wonderful man in the world, Luke Danes, tells her the best piece of advice.
  3. "Just jump."
  4. Just. Jump.
  5. That's something I've learned in my life too.
  6. Starting a business is one of the scariest things in the world.
  7. You put your entire soul into it.
  8. Your life. Your money. Your time. Your heart.
  9. This is my family's small business. A food truck. Well, trolley.
  10. www.tritiptrolley.com for reference
  11. Nobody would've ever guessed a food truck would do so well in our own version of Stars Hollow.
  12. But it did. And it makes people happy every day.
  13. And it's growing. And it's exciting.
  14. But whenever I talk about it, I remind people how we got there.
  15. It certainly wasn't easy.
  16. There was A LOT of hills and valleys.
  17. And there still are! There are always hills and valleys when you interact with other humans!
  18. Especially when you're just a couple people trying to live on a dream.
  19. So, small businesses are important.
  20. If you have to choose between buying from a big corporation or a small business,
  21. please choose a small business.
  22. We'd all really appreciate it.