After I started listening to the podcast "Awesome Etiquette" from the Emily Post Institute, I've been thinking a lot about how we treat people in social and stranger situations. With the newly blizzard crusted Boston, how can we be nice to our fellow snow survivors?
  1. Recognize that everybody has to walk slower.
    Be patient. It's not their fault. Even if we can walk faster in our snow boots than some, not everyone is superhuman like us.
  2. Thank the people that shovel snow.
    They are doing that work by hand! And it sucks a lot! And they are doing it for US! They make our lives easier! Thank them!!!
  3. Traveling the opposite direction as someone on a skinny path?
    If the opportunity arises, find a spot off to the side and let the other person pass. If they are the one to step off to the side, thank them!
  4. Smile.
    Commiserate with others experiencing the same thing. It'll make everyone involved feel a little better.
  5. Taking a taxi/uber/lyft/friend's car?
    Thank them too! It's sometimes super dangerous to drive, so they are v cool for helping. Also, easy way to get five stars on Uber if you can talk to them and make them feel appreciated. Friends probably like being appreciated too.
  6. Lastly, keep doing social interactions.
    Go out, have people over (making sure to switch off to even out the misery travel time), and continue regular life. Staying indoors alone will only keep you sane for so long. Keep up team morale!
  7. This was fun, do other people have etiquette for extreme weather situations? Or other kinds of extreme situations? List about it!