1. "Welcome to my hometown, Hannah!" -Billy Shakey Shakes
    Also I'm bringing back leggings and shorts because I hate wearing the same jeans every day to keep my legs warm in chilly England. #theninetiesarealiveinengland
  2. Stratford-Upon-Avon is a charming little town.
    You can walk through the centre in under ten minutes.
  3. There are some cute shops and restaurants.
    I haven't been able to do much perusing so far, so this was nice.
  4. I stumbled upon a nice little street market, probably for the bank holiday.
    Look at that sky!! Though it was a bit rainy yesterday. It was bound to happen eventually.
  5. I saw Hamlet at The Royal Shakespeare Company for FIVE POUNDS.
    A program for 16-25's sponsored by BP oil. I'm conflicted about that, but FIVE POUNDS.
  6. Hamlet was really, really wonderful.
    And the theatre is an incredible building. A bar, café, restaurant, tower, and art exhibit. And two performance spaces. This is my dream.
  7. Anne Hathaway's cottage was SO COOL.
    Everything is old!!! Like sixteenth century!!! Imagine how excited I will be in Rome!!!
  8. There are some beautiful gardens there.
    It's a bit pricey, but I really enjoyed it. Also, there's a little cave-like branch structure where you can listen to a British actor read you a sonnet. 😍
  9. It was a really romantic place. I think my Nana would like it.
  10. Shakespeare's Courting Chair
    Does anyone know what a courting chair is?? Did he only court Anne when he was in this chair?
  11. I saw The Alchemist for FIVE POUNDS.
    It was fine.
  12. Also, Hooray's Gelato has delicious waffles.
    Waffles are a dessert here and I'm happy about it.
  13. Don't do a river cruise, the boat can't really go anywhere.
    The river is surrounded by lochs, closing it in and making it pretty small. You can see everything by foot.
  14. I had afternoon tea!
    With a scone and a little sandwich. And rosé. Because it's customary. I can't go against customs.
  15. My host was WONDERFUL.
    She made me a big breakfast every morning and drove me from the train station and to the town centre. And again when I missed the bus. British roads are difficult, guys.
  16. "Have fun in Oxford, Hannah!" - Creepy Star Face
    In Oxford for one night before London. Excited to hang out with CS Lewis and Tolkein, they're still around right??