1. Being on Time: Kicking Ass and Taking Names Punctually
    I do not stand for lateness and neither should you
  2. How to Not Suck: Producing Musical Theatre Worth Paying For
    I have seen A LOT OF BAD MUSICALS so I'm a professional thank you
  3. You Are The Problem: How to Shut Up and Listen to Me
    I don't know, it just feels like a fun thing to talk about
  4. Your Aesthetic in the Form of Meryl Streep Movies
    I am willing to explore this further
  5. The Effects of TV Relationships in Real Relationships
    tbh I am v passionate about this
  6. How Roommates Change The World
    Roommates can make you or break you, people.
  7. The Rules of Traveling
    Establishing guidelines for traveling can give your adventure a clear path in the midst of spontaneity.
  8. Emojis, Lists, and Language
    The 21st century has revolutionized language let's TALK ABOUT IT