1. Went to Stubb's and saw a cool lil band called MCG
  2. Went to VooDoo Donuts
    So rich. Oof.
  3. This
    I did not want to do this
  4. This
  5. Left my tag
    As I do on all my trips
  6. Went to Cost Plus World Market because we don't have one in Boston
  7. I liked this
  8. Ate Torchy's
  9. Got a tattoo
    It's temporary I'm only half badass. Only half my ass is bad.
  10. Bars I liked included:
  11. Sidebar
  12. Shangri-La
  13. This overwhelming piano bar
  14. Ego's Karaoke
    Guys I did karaoke for the first time it was thrilling
  15. It rained a lot but it was a good time.
  16. Kolaches are good
  17. Whiskey is great
  18. Traffic is not
  19. Thank you