I am a fierce pedestrian who can't be bothered.
  1. "No, you may not"
    The most polite I can be.
  2. "Absolutely not"
    A classic.
  3. "You're fine"
    Your world will not end if I cross the street in front of you, calm down.
  4. "You've lost your privileges"
    This was new and came out of my mouth today. How exciting.
  5. " I don't have time"
    Truly my motto for 2015.
  6. "Try me"
    I had a standoff with a car once. I won. #pedestrianrightofway
  7. Don't get me wrong, I hate pedestrians when I'm driving.
    I am a fully aware hypocrite.
  8. But that won't stop me.
    I am a monster.
  9. 🙃