1. Cleaning out my closet
    There is so much crap I never wear, and it's cluttering my life. Also, where should I take these clothes? There's no donation place near me. I don't wanna just throw them away!
  2. Losing weight
    Focusing on my physical health sometimes gets in the way of my mental health, and I don't know which to pick. My goal is to get to a healthy state mentally to work on this.
  3. Boxing 2-3 times a week
    I love boxing! It's very difficult! But so worth it!
  4. Cooking at home more
    @haymay I'm with you on this one. Our dinners together are some of my favorite moments. Let's have more of them 🍲
  5. Graduating college
    Four months to go!
  6. Successfully planning and going backpacking through Europe.
    40 Days. Scared to do it alone, but I know in my gut that I need to do it.
  7. Get a full-time job in my field
    Wow, what a concept! I'm in theatre, so this will be quite the adventure
  8. Alright, that's enough dreaming for one year.