I went on tinder today so you didn't have to. Warning: wow
  1. RULES
    Swipe right on everybody with maximum distance and age ranges.
  2. This was my profile. My bio simply said "chase me date me"
    ~snow angel~
  3. I sent everyone the same message.
    Happy Valentine's Day, babe! Whatcha got planned for us??
  4. Let's see what happened.
  5. This guy chased me for A VERY LONG TIME.
  6. Please get the hint
  7. I'm feeling a little harassed
  9. Wow
  10. "Sexin"
  11. I used this GIF a lot.
  12. Just tryna help
  13. Sir, you have no idea where you're going.
  14. Oh, you certainly caught me off guard.
  15. You don't have my number.
  16. I mean, that does sound good.
  17. tbh great pun, thanks for playin