1. Meet Emily and Caroline!
    They're finishing up school at Trinity College and come from Ireland.
  2. We met in our hostel dorm in Berlin.
    They immediately invited me to do things with them, and it was just assumed we would spend the rest of our time together after a point.
  3. We were all headed to Prague too, so we got to hang out in ~two~ countries!
    And this other Irish guy we met in Berlin!
  4. Emily and Caroline are cousins and are doing three weeks throughout Europe.
    They end in Croatia for a music festival. We found glitter face paint for it.
  5. I really became close with these girls, and I knew I could trust them.
    That's hard to find when traveling. Sure, you meet people, but trusting them? That was special.
  6. Caroline got sick in Prague, so we weren't able to hang out as much as we wanted.
    Had to skip out on our black light mini golf reservation. Tragic.
  7. I'm hoping to see them when I go back to Dublin; they only live about an hour away!
  8. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It's not as hard as you think.
  9. Stay tuned for a Prague recap in the next couple days!