1. This is Lydie.
  2. We met at the top of Arthur's Seat.
    And took a very dangerous path down the mountain. We helped each other. She kept saying "It was worth! It was worth!" about our journey.
  3. Lydie and her husband renovated a monument in Burgundy, France and opened it to the public.
    It is also a B&B where she gives guided tours.
  4. She speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, and is working on learning Tahitian.
  5. She collects Haitian art.
  6. She once ride a bicycle from Switzerland to Morocco over the course of 13 months.
    And then traded the bike for a CAMEL. And rode a CAMEL for a week.
  7. Her husband died 11 years ago, and she never had children. But she isn't sad.
    She kept telling me, "Work with the cards you've been dealt." And she instead looks at how many adventures she has been able to have.
  8. She loves to cook.
    Apparently makes a mean beef bourguignon.
  9. She is kind, wise, and passionate about life.
  10. After we met, she invited me to the house where she was staying for celebratory tea.
    Her friends that live there were in Israel, so we had the house to ourselves. And she made me a small meal before walking me to the bus station.
  11. We exchanged contact information, so I hope I get to see her in our travels again soon.
    Her next stop is Tahiti, maybe back to Thailand, perhaps to Florida (so exotic!).
  12. I hope I can have stories like she does someday.
  13. All of this is to say: talking to strangers is sometimes a very wonderful adventure.