1. Nimble and Quick
    They are fast, but don't bump into anyone. This is me. I am the best. I am Spider-Man.
  2. Self Aware Strollers
    Totally understand that people need to get to places and move out of the way. They are good people to me.
  3. Babies
    You are in between my legs and I could crush you if I am not careful and you make me nervous!!!! But you are very cute!!!!
  4. Rolling Boulders
    They will run you over no matter who you are or what you're doing because they're legitimate boulders.
  5. Boulders in Stasis
    They will not move out of your way and you will awkwardly slow walk behind them for the rest of your life because they are LEGITIMATE BOULDERS.
  6. Natural Boulders
    Like, real boulders. Cumbersome, but you can move around them. Or climb over them. Harder to do with people boulders though.