1. Most people say that music is really important to them
  2. It's the soundtrack to our lives
  3. Music is our soul language
  4. It makes us feel things that words alone cannot do
  5. It can transport us to a specific time in the past
  6. Ella Fitzgerald will always be my nana's convertible in the summer
  7. Daft Punk will always be my time studying abroad
  8. The National will always be one boyfriend
  9. The Lumineers will always be another
  10. Being in musical theatre, musicals also hold a special place in my soul language
  11. I will always learn something new from listening to Into The Woods
  12. I will always feel better after listening to How To Succeed
  13. I will always feel cooler than I am after listening to American Idiot
  14. And music can relate to the weather
  15. First Aid Kit when it's raining
  16. Johnny Cash when it's bone cold
  17. The Proclaimers in the sunshine
  18. Music can help me cry when I need to
  19. Music can help me dance when I need to
  20. Music helps my anxiety when I need sound and good things in my brain
  21. Music is therapeutic. We all know that.
  22. Studies tell us that, yeah, science, whatever
  23. But we all know it because we've all experienced it.
  24. Because it is our soul language.