happiness can be the smallest things in life
  1. Waking up too early and looking at the time, seeing that you're able to go back to sleep before you really have to get up for the day
  2. Drinking hot coffee on cold days
  3. Being organized for work or school. ex: folders for each class, papers filed where they need to be
  4. When your hair/makeup looks good on the first try, man that takes effort
  5. When people compliment you
  7. small puppies!!!
  8. Buying new accessories/clothes and you're so ready to wear it the next day
  9. Just trying on clothes in stores and lookin good
  10. knowing you're graduating soon
  11. Your favorite artist putting out new music!!!
  12. listening to that new music^^
  13. The Christmas season
  14. Christmas music
  15. Dancing and singing loudly in the car with someone you love