1. January
    Taylor swift was friends with Haim
  2. February
    Empire happened?
  3. March
    I turned 18...that might be it??? Duke won march madness
  4. April
    Parks & Rec ended...probably in April? Redeemed series finales because HIMYM was a FUCKING letdown
  5. May
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    This tit pic by Picasso sold for hella money
  6. June
    Gay marriage legalized... Woooooooo!!!🎊🎉 also South Carolina took down the flag! Racism is over let's all get icees!
  7. July
    US Women win the World Cup! Mia Hamm! Abby wambach! Alex Morgan! Alex Morgan! Alex Morgan!
  8. August
    Jon Stewart leaves The Daily Show...this is sad and IMPORTANT
  9. September
    Football started happening...that's it. September is the least important month...did Colbert start at the late show?
  10. October
    Maybe Colbert started now? People still like Empire! And blackish is supposed to be good even tho I haven't seen it
  11. November
    Pray for Paris and trump blows
  12. December
    Trump still blows and also awards are really vibing w/ mad max...probs gonna get that fat Oscar nom. Won't win tho. Carol probs will. Will Leo finally get his Oscar? ALL NATURAL LIGHT #TheRevenant