1. What do Jay-Z and Beyoncé talk about?
    Money? Blue ivy? Kanye? If you don't live a normal life how do you have normal conversations
  2. Also what is Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sex like?
    You know you want to know
  3. Could my roommate chew any louder right now?
  4. How will Ben Affleck be as Batman?
    Also can Henry Cavill bounce back after people hated man of steel
  5. Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's "Sisters" be able to do well in the box office even though it's opening the same day as Star Wars?
    Wanna see both movies tho
  6. What would I talk about if I were on You Made It Weird w/ Pete Holmes
    And how would I say "Keep it crispy"
  7. What would my podcast be about if I had one
    Probs comedy pop culture and sports and I would call it "The Scoreboard" with Henry Redman
  8. Should I watch another ep of Jessica Jones?
    Idgaf if it's already 1:00 am
  9. Are the Packers gonna win next week?
    Probs nah they blow
  10. Do the Indians have a real shot next year?
    Middle of the infield and pitching rotation are strong. But Brantley injury hurts. And we need to add another outfield bat
  11. What should I do next weekend?
    The answer is usually drink
  12. What should I wear tomorrow?
  13. Should I even go to class in the morning?
  14. Oh shit it's already 2:00
    I guess I'm not going to class