1. Waiting for misleadingly-great-seeming tracker app to refresh, goddamnit! Where is she?!?
  2. Stressing out trying to see friend while jockeying for position with others similarly situated
  3. Trying to prepare to get optimum iPhone pic while being present to focus on cheering friend
  4. Debating whether to take video or pics
  5. Stressing about getting to next point to cheer while thousands of others walk the streets at various paces
  6. Navigating subway changes
  7. Deciding to walk through Central Park for better views/scenery and then getting trapped in Kafka-Esque nightmare unable to meet friend at meet-up point at end
  8. Refraining from eating from marathon-finisher friend's well-deserved package of double-stuff Oreos
  9. Having no legitimate reason to complain of your sore legs from walking to view friend when she actually seems totally fine after running a goddamn marathon