1. dresses are comfy
    I'd rather wear a dress than jeans or shorts
  2. brussel sprouts are so good
  3. movies are boring
  4. cats are better than dogs
    allergic to cats & still like them better
  5. team stefan
    this should not be an unpopular opinion
  6. mashed potatoes aren't that good
  7. ice cream is only ok
    cookies > ice cream
  8. winston is the best character on new girl
    still love jess & schmidt
  9. NYC > LA
  10. overall (& especially in the long run) A&M is a better school than UT
    that aggie network tho!!!!!! my brother hasn't started his senior year & already has a job so FREAKING GIG EM
  11. running is fun!!!!!
  12. bacon / pork in general is NASTY
    thx jen