1. Laying in a field while listening to chill music and star gazing
  2. The smell of the movie theater
    Smells basically like magic
  3. Finishing your favorite book and just wanting MORE
  4. Small southern diners with hella good bacon
  5. A vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles
    So simple yet so good
  6. That newspaper smell
  7. The crunch of autumn leaves
  8. When my cat rolls on her back and her little poof feet are in the air
  9. Waiting at the end of a marvel movie for the end credit scenes
  11. Driving down an old road with your windows down and blaring out music
  12. When it's really really cold and you just wrap up in blankets and become a burrito
  13. Old record players
  14. Ice clicking in a cold glass
    Especially lemonade
  15. Vintage sunglasses with white t shirts
  16. Glass Coke bottles
  17. Sunsets and sunrises
  18. The way your eyebrows feel after they're freshly waxed
  19. 1960's style
  20. Drizzling syrup on waffles