Dedicated to you @avery
  1. Listing within the appropriate time frame after invitation
    Guys I'm finally doing it! Don't hate me @avery
  2. Wearing white pants
    Just had to throw them out, impossible not to stain them and embarrass myself at work
  3. Responding to @avery's emails at work
    SORRY ❤️❤️
  4. Basically remembering to keep in touch with anyone and everyone
    It's so hard but I do love you all and want to be better
  5. Saving money
    But that trip to Iceland will be so fun! And of course I need this sushi
  6. Staying awake past 11 PM
    Bed > everything else
  7. Not getting stuck in an Instagram black hole
    How did I end up 64 weeks back on this person I don't know?! And why can't I stop looking?
  8. Showering on a regular basis
    But if I just put some dry shampoo in nobody will know, right?
  9. Staying calm, cool, and collected while hangry
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  10. Multitasking of any kind
    Texting and listening? Nope, impossible.