1. Well, here I am, I guess I really have to do this now
  2. Oh, those girls look so intense
  3. Their outfits are so cute
  4. Why don't I ever look that cute when I workout?
  5. Are these Cosco clothes not cute?
  6. I'm wearing all black, I'm basically a ninja. TAKE THAT!
  7. Oooooh our instructor is so scary, this is gonna be hard
  8. Okay warming up... I got this. No problem
  9. Oh, she wants us to turn the knob like all the way to the right.... YEAH RIGHT!
  10. How about I just turn it like once and just pretend to keep turning the knob... No one will know
  11. Half way through and I'm sweating like a pig
  13. Why are those girls in the cute outfits still look perfect?!
  14. Not fair.
  15. Wow, okay I can do this.
  17. This beyonce is really inspiring me, though maybe I can go up another hill.
  18. Nope, this hill has defeated me.
  19. *turns knob to the left very slowly so no one notices*
  20. So now she wants me to sprint? Oh okay. 😑
  21. Okay, does she really expect me to move my legs that fast? Like I can't go over like 50 rpm, what makes you think I can hit 180????
  22. I have lost control of my legs, they're just gonna spin right off and fly across the room.
  23. Thanking all the gods that it's time to stretch.
  24. *drinks a whole Nalgene*
  25. I'm trying to stretch, just gotta get off this bike first.
  26. How do I even unclip my feet?
  27. If I can get off this bike without taking a tumble that would be a major win for me right now.
  28. *gets off bike* *attempts to stretch*
  29. Bless up! I did it! I survived! I'm sweating and my face looks like a tomato! But I did it!
  30. I'm feeling good!
  31. I need to go get a cookie or some pancakes now. I deserve it.