Reasons the Weird Woman at Stop & Shop Made This a Very Worcester Christmas

I've lived in Worcester for 3 years and love it, in part because this is a weird city full of funky people like this.
  1. Her dyed black hair, styled like a slightly tamed Elvira Mistress of the Dark 'do.
  2. The fact that she was easily 65 but dressed like a millennial who isn't making good life choices at the moment.
  3. That her elaborately designed vape pen was in hand every time I saw her.
  4. That she clearly didn't realize there were other people in the store and that's why we could hear every word she spoke to her granddaughter in her always-on 'outside voice.'
  5. That she had da thickest Wistah accent I evah heard.
  6. That she was obviously pretty damned drunk.
  7. Finally--the awesome way she dickered over her receipt while simultaneously flirting with the pimply 18-year-old male cashier.