1- or 2-word impressions on Gilmore Guys

An incomplete list of impressions that the @gilmoreguys do of people/characters, that only need a couple words. (To be clear, this is a list of love; these impressions never fail to crack me up)
  1. April Nardini: "(My) science(s)!"
  2. Barack Obama: "Malia..."
  3. Ira Glass: "Act One..."
  4. Jess Mariano: "Oliver Twist"
  5. Chris Hardwick: "Points!"
    This impression is the only reason I know who Chris Hardwick is, which for some reason makes it extra-funny to me.
  6. Dean Forester: "Uhhhh"
    Also: "Pretty hairrrr"
  7. Luke Danes: "Dammit, Taylor!"
  8. Babette: "POW!"
    Also: "Hey sugah!"
  9. Michel: "Lorelaiiii >:("
  10. Jason Mantzoukas: "Guys!"
  11. Miss Patty: "RORYYYYYYYY!"
  12. Owen Wilson: "Wow!"