Things I learned in therapy

  1. Life doesn't have to be terrible, even for someone with depression and anxiety. Actually, it can be quite nice
  2. Taking care of yourself looks different on different days
  3. Other people are SO important
    Being alone can be a poison if you're not careful (even as an introvert)
  4. Therapy works
  5. Self-care isn't selfish
  6. Feelings are real, but they're not everything
  7. Life isn't about food
  8. Sleeping a little extra sometimes is okay
  9. Feelings aren't all bad
  10. Taking your meds regularly is super important
  11. The current state/situation/feelings are not permanent
  12. Talking to your psychiatrist about how your meds are making you feel = also super important
  13. If therapy isn't working for you, find a different therapist
    I wish someone had told me this sooner.
  14. Boundaries are EVERYTHING
    At least for me