Stuff Watched in 2017 + opinions, sometimes

I'll try to remember
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    The Big Short
    Very fast-paced, funny, witty and insightful on housing market crash. Great cast as well. Definitely worth a watch
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    13 Reasons Why
    Overrated, honestly found Hannah a whiny snowflake half the time. (I did too while reading the book, so) Really could have portrayed a victim of bully and rape in a more empowering way instead of in a cowardly way. Nothing really worth watching tbh
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    Beauty and the Beast (2017)
    Loved the music, wasn't disappointed
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    When Harry Met Sally
    Ah it was an adorable film from start to finish and when I say that I really mean it! Not one part of the movie felt like it dragged or was redundant. And then of course I spiralled into a rom-com binge watching session
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    Love, Actually
    It was actually pretty cute... 😌 Centres around so many different kinds of love about many different people who are all around us. Although some narratives weren't as good as the others, it makes you feel hopeful about love and want to ask people about their love stories.
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    Jerry Maguire
    Holy cow can we just take a moment to behold Tom Cruise's looks???? Damn. But aw, it was yet another really cute movie that didn't feel cliche. Ray is adorable. Truly shows the result of hope and perseverance. Made me tear.
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    I-I-IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER M-MAN. I love how it's really wrong and hilarious and so real
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    Annabelle: Creation
    SPOILER(????): I was quite disappointed there wasn't a plot twist which I look forward to seeing in horror movies but it wasn't bad. It wasn't terrifying in the lingering sense which is a huge plus for me but was scary in the PAN-TO-BLACK-AND-AWAIT-JUMPSCARE sense so that wasn't a plus.
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    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Honestly, the overall story was pretty cliche BUT WOW THAT PLOT TWIST NEAR THE END THO 💥💥💥💥 it was good. I mean, come on, it's Marvel. It's good.
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    Wonder Woman
    I had a really great experience watching this in 3D and all but wow I really loved this movie. If I were to describe it from start to finish, yes it sounds cliché and the villain was _slightly_ predictable and not the best pick but the ending really hit me in the feels and came the waterworks. It looked great, Gal Gadot looked amazing, Chris Pine looked amazeballs.
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    Get Out
    Very interesting and very very bizarre take on racial imbalance/black oppression. Was just pretty fucked up and creepy to watch now that I think about it.
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    OooooOOoOoO the highly raved and advertised Netflix movie about Superpigs! I felt like there were odd tone imbalances in the movie but tells an interesting story. And ah, when they were leaving the slaughterhouse, that part really got to me. And it was truly fucked up — the dramatisation of business owners in the meat industry
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    Honestly, I've to watch this movie again to really appreciate this movie from the bottom of my heart and not just appreciate because it won La La Land in the Oscars 🙃 but I definitely remember it as a really beautiful looking film and touching in how real it portrayed growing up, especially in such harsh conditions.
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    Happy Together
    Holy shit man, I loved every moment in this film because of the visuals. Honestly it got too adult for me in the relationship handling part towards the end but it was interesting, it really was. And I liked it.
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    Chungking Express
    Once again, another Wong Kar Wai movie which was beautiful but man, the adultness of this movie just..... ah it was confusing to watch at times, I'm probably stupid and will come to appreciate it more when I'm older.
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    See You Tomorrow
    Call me shallow but I actually found this movie really hilarious and very visually pleasing!! I love how the story is about a 摆渡人 aka someone who *literally* helps people cross the sea aka *figuratively* get over their pain. It was sweet and yeaaaaaa it was kindaaaaa cliche not rly but a little. But still super enjoyable to watch.
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    Diary of a Teenage Girl
    The worst movie title ever?????? But I was recommended this by my friend so I watched it. It's about a girl who discovers herself, sexually mostly... I didn't love love love the movie but I liked it. And found myself relating to it.
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    Edge of Seventeen
    It's a sweet movie. Slightly unconventional as compared to ur typical teen flick but because most of the good bits were shown in the trailer, nothing surprising unfolded while watching the movie. SO DONT WATCH THE TRAILER AND THOU SHALT ENJOY
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    A Cure for Wellness
    A chilling film, not in your traditional manner because this movie is not traditional in any shape or form. It tells a very interesting story about a screwed up sanitarium/wellness centre. Comments on our modern habits for wellness and questioning if it's all just bullshit. The ending was truly bizarre but I really really liked this movie and how unique it was. Dane Dehaan was wonderful.
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    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    HORRIBLE. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I haven't watched a bad movie in such a long time cuz I usually look up reviews before devoting 2 hours into a movie and just like many other movies, I decided to watch this because people said it was good .....and also dreamy young Hugh Grant..... but damn. The romance in this movie between Charlie and Carrie was so bloody shallow and I hated it. If you care for a movie's storyline, one with substance instead of undeveloped love-at-first-sight nonsense, stay away.