100 YEARS OF LI.ST" [1965] 🕰

Inspired by @jakebrandman Fun project!! Trivial facts from a trivial mind....
  1. On New Years Eve 1964, two drunk co-eds in Ohio took fate into their own hands having unprotected sex.....9 months later I was born!
    Other stuff happened too....
  2. A new flag for Canada!!
    Gotta love that clean, modern Maple Leaf (original smelled like syrup!!)
  3. Joan rivers first tonight show gig!
    Breakthrough for female comics...kinda looks like Sarah Silverman being eaten by a crazy wig!
  4. A little film called Alphaville won the Palm d'or @ Cannes.
    Sound of music made a lot of $$$ & won the Oscar too....hills literally came alive later in the year.
  5. First spacewalk!!! Ed White
    Awesome! (But actually produced in flex space warehouse outside Alamogordo, NM) conspiracy anyone....
  6. Sports....More space!!
    Someone thought baseball would be more exciting with these rocket graphics.
  7. People went on formal Spring Breaks.
    Graphics were fancy then!! Travelled there in a caravan of 37 Dodge Darts.
  8. The uncle of the founder of Spotify was rocking out (streaming) on some cutting edge equipment
  9. Charlie Brown Christmas debuted
    Tree envy would take over the country....also inspiration for the Festivus pole!!
  10. There were EIGHT models of dodge darts. (7 too many)
    The seed of ridicule was planted in Cambridge MA for garage mechanics; future car talk guys....
  11. Sydney Oprah House was in the middle of its 14 years of construction
    Named for a young girl from Mississippi, who was famous already.
  12. A new style of music 'rock n roll' was 'turning people on'
    A band named the Beetles play Estadio Shea for the Queens....
  13. Reggie Watts, an LA infant, started some riots there.
    OJ was also totally not there either.....
  14. Network television was still relevant.
    People watched a network called ABC?
  15. America was really proud of its blatant racism so....
    Some things really haven't changed....#Drumpf2016