Our new Despot in Chief is loading his new cabinet w/ a solid representation of AmeriKKKa (at least a corner of Wyoming). Here's his checklist of criteria for new staff!!
  1. ___White
  2. ___Old
  3. ___Christian
  4. ___Racist
  5. ___Lies (or thinks 'post-truth')
  6. ___wealthy
  7. ___Abuses Twitter
  8. ___lives in 'the swamp'
  9. ___Thinks Drumpf is the best President ever
  10. ___has one or more conflicts of interest
  11. ___Can define 'bigly'
  12. ___Won't correct POTUS saying 'jynah' (china)
  13. ___Also Has Vladimir Putin body pillow
  14. ___Hatred of 'others' on scale of 7 to 10
  15. ___Dislike of Hillary on scale of 8 to 11
  16. ___Wants to grab Ivanka's pussy
  17. ___Doesn't think Milania sounds like a Bond villain
  18. ___thinks America isn't great yet.