Yes, most of their programming has been of the highest quality; some groundbreaking (sopranos, wire, GOT, six feet under, last week tonight, veep, mr show, etc). But, IMHO there have been several duds and far misses.....
  1. Carnival
    Boardwalk Empires less-successful cousin.
  2. True Blood
    Sookie's accent was atrocious. Cancellation of a vampire....
  3. Rome
    Bloated & overwrought
  4. John from Cincinnati
    Great music, bad show.
  5. The Newsroom
    Sorkin's endless monologues. Everyone YELLED their lines to emote.
  6. The Leftovers
    Depressing, somber, this is entertaining??
  7. Tell me you love me
    Where's the remote....unwatchable.
  8. Joe Buck live.
    3 episodes???
  9. No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
    Not all Brit exports reboot well....