Joy Division Songs & their Blogging Potential

KEXP/Seattle is having an all Joy Division morning show (thanks John!)- thou gothic, drowning & sometimes depressing; could spawn some cool sites & forums!!!
  1. Ceremony
    Wedding/event planning.
  2. She's Lost Control
    Blog for new moms (alternate menopausal support).
  3. Transmission
    Ham radio fans (alternate social space for college DJ's & programmers)
  4. Love will tear us apart
    Relationship counseling
  5. Atmosphere
    Tumblr/flikr of cloud pictures & sunsets
  6. Isolation
    Prison/incarceration memoir (if internet is available)
  7. Shadow play
    Film noir or French New Wave fan blog
  8. Leaders of Men (?)
    White power (trump) supporter fan site
  9. Digital
    Programmers/coding/hacker forum
  10. Dead souls
    Tumblr/flikr of graveyard photography