We walk our 12 & 1/2 yr old lab two miles a day for physical & mental fitness. As we live in the southern state that currently having problems with its public restroom policy; there are a few parcels that defy generalization into a conventional suburban, ex-rural context, so we give them nicknames....
  1. Justified
    Multiple buildings in a holler; burning trash occasionally, heavy equipment, old appliances & at least one RV.
  2. Sons of Anarchy
    Loud dogs, 2 outbuilding, trailers, axles & car parts, several sons that have strange schedules.
  3. Hoarders
    Retired old single guy. Lots of parts. An RV that never moves. Drapes never open. Porch full. Lots of flags.
  4. Breaking bad
    Meth lab in shed? Burning plastic/chemical smell occasionally....is it rot? Bad oyster shells?