Besides mediocre political commentary & a constant repetition of the obvious, CNN has a 'grill' too at the political conventions. For those of us not fortunate enough to visit this televised Cheesecake Factory meets Friends Central Perk for DC insiders here's a look!!
  1. John King Crab Salad
    Overlook those silky grey hairs.
  2. Don Lemon Pepper Chicken
    Delicious side of rice pilaf.
  3. Dana Bash(Ed) road-kill jerky strips
    Squirrel, possum, deer, raccoon & Roger Ailes reputation....
  4. Corey Lewandowski BBQ bruised-Arm brisket
    Served on pink slips for grease control.
  5. Jake open-faced Tapper sandwich
    With gravy & mashed potatoes.
  6. Anderson Cooper burger
    Veggie patty w/ chimichurri sauce
  7. Jeffery Lord have Mercy- that's inedible.
    Warning; produces extra bile.
  8. Paul 'Everything' Bagala & whipped cream cheese
    Celery & chips on side
  9. Harry 'Ham' Houck's & gravy
    Side of racist fries & collards.
  10. Donald trump Hate-filled Taco Bowl!!
    served in 10" high corn tortilla 'wall' (payed for by Univision's Jorge Ramos)
  11. Patty Solis Doyle Melt
    On rye w/ 1000 is. Dressing & extra onions...
  12. Wolf Blitzer Tort
    Served with 'breaking news' sorbet.
  13. All-you-can-stomach Punditry bar
    All toppings stale, tasteless, predictable & bad croutons.
  14. S E Cupp o' coffee.
    Bitter, dark & over-brewed
  15. Sour Grapes