We know it's inevitable; Election Day- but it's so, so, so,so, so far away. The numbers are daunting!! Enjoy summer & stay away from TV, radio, newspapers, and the Internet.....
  1. 4,416 hours; 184 days to Election Day
    Canada; 10 weeks or less. Australia; 75-day, double-dissolution election. Many countries have elections on holidays & weekends.
  2. 2 hours; (2) VP selection speeches
  3. 2 hours; (2) Pres. Candidate convention address speeches.
  4. 2 hours; (2) VP candidate convention address speeches. B
  5. 6 hours; (3) Presidential televised debates
  6. 2 hours; (1) VP televised debate.
  7. 3,114 hours; garbage, name-calling, sad campaign events, trump-bashing, Hillary-bashing, press conferences, beauty pageants, white-pride rallies, 'breaking news', copious amounts of ridiculous 'pundit' analysis that will probably be wrong.....
  8. 1,288 hours; Sleep
    Average person 7 hours a day.
  9. Zero; amount of information we'll really learn about these two massively flawed candidates.