Yesterday was National Donut Day?!? Who knew. These are the shops that I've visited with favorites as I remember....
  1. Top Pot Donuts
    Seattle WA. (🍋 amazing)
  2. Voodoo Donuts.
    Portland OR.
  3. Holtman Donuts
    Cincinnati OH.
  4. Daily Dozen- pike place market.
    Seattle WA. (Bag o cinnamon)
  5. Blue Dot Donuts
    New Orleans LA
  6. Donut inn
    Wilmington NC. (Best sour cream)
  7. Monuts
    Durham NC (PB & J filled)
  8. Federal Donuts
    Philadelphia PA.
  9. Bakers Pride
    Savannah GA (maple bacon bar)
  10. Britts.
    Carolina Beach NC. (Plain raised- hot)
  11. Rocket 88 Donuts
    Indianapolis IN.
  12. Mighty-O donuts
    Seattle WA.
  13. Wake n Bake
    Carolina Beach NC (PB & Siratcha)
  14. Krispy Kreme
  15. Tim Hortons
  16. Duncan Donuts