Some really great geography wordplay to impress people at parties. @hollerbek and I have made a lot of friends this way.
  1. Irish it were Friday
  2. Zimbabwe you going?
  3. Tunisia his own
  4. Ghana hit the hay
  5. Uganda be kidding me (Chelsea Handler)
  6. Y'African me out
  7. Czech yourself before you wreck yourself
  8. Not all who Rwanda are lost
  9. Turkey or not turkey
  10. Denmark me off the list
  11. What do y'Armenia?
  12. I have a Brazilian things to do
  13. This is Niue for me
  14. Spain a long time
  15. Let's Sweden the deal
  16. Gimme Samoa that
  17. I'm really India sweet talk
  18. It's Lebanon of your business
  19. Why so Syria?
  20. Seoul later
  21. Don't Kuwait up for me
  22. I haven't Benin many countries, but I'd like Togo to more
  23. Can I borrow a Cuba sugar?
  24. Innocent until Peruvian guilty
  25. Kenya hear me now?
  26. Saudi get low