Kobe: my main motivator
  1. Kobe
    One of my biggest inspirations growing up was Kobe. There are 2 main things I took away from his game and career that I personally implement in my life.
  2. 1. Work ethic - his work ethic was insane. From long workouts, playing teammates to 100 after practice, and refusing to eat the junk food he loves, are some of my favorite examples of Kobe's drive to be the best. He would do everything to make sure he is ready for the game such as eat right, recover by icing the body, and receiving treatments
  3. 2. Mentality - #mambamentality - what does this mean? In his own words, it means that we don't quit, we don't cower, we don't run. We endure and we conquer. His approach towards the game is what I love and I take the same approach when it comes to lifting