If you play your cards right you can do all of this in one weekend.
  1. Eat many many maple creemees!!
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    Burlington Bay Market has the best in the biz.
  2. ArtsRiot Friday night food trucks
    Every Friday night from May to October. Bring cash.
  3. Burlington Farmers Market
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    Every Saturday, year-round. Get a green mountain pretzel.
  4. Bluebird Coffee Stop
    They have maple creamy affogatos. 'Nuff said.
  5. Shop at City Market co-op
    A+ cheese selection and other things.
  6. Brunch at Penny Clues
    You must get the "bucket 'o spuds"
  7. Hen of the Wood
    Have dinner, sit at the open kitchen bar, drink cocktails.
  8. Farmhouse
    They have a beer garden and 24 beers and tap along with a great classic menu. If you are into cheese get a cheese plate.
  9. Flatbread
    Seriously good pizza with a fun/hippy vibe. Bonus: they do English style cask ale, only one style at a time.
  10. Go to Church street
    Not so much for eating, but for shopping.
  11. Drink at ZeroGravity
    Currently the best beer in town. Also served at Flatbread.
  12. Drink at Citizen Cider
    It's very good.
  13. Coffee at Uncommon Grounds
    Maple syrup iced coffee is a must
  14. Lake Champlain Chocolates
    They have bars, truffles, caramels. All things good.