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  1. Santa Baby - We all know what you want to Santa and you should stop it!
  2. Dominic the Donkey: Why?
  3. Baby, It's Cold Outside: Hey buddy, no means no!
  4. Silent Night by Stevie Nicks: Enough said.
  1. Blowing kisses?
  2. I could.
  3. I salute you!
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  1. My boyfriend's water bottle.
    It goes EVERYWHERE with us.
  2. Paper Mate Pens
    An administrative assistant's best friend.
  3. Murica!
    Summed up in one picture.
  4. Dessert
    The best damn cake I ever made.
  1. Little Women
    It has become a tradition to watch this movie at my mom's house every Christmas.
  2. Every single Disney movie imaginable.
    Whether it was Scar battling his was to stardom or a little mermaid just wanting to be a two legged human, these were running non stop on our VCRS day in and day out.
  3. The Sandlot
    My love for baseball started after watching Benny take on the Beast.
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