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A brief summary of my morning
  1. Me before breakfast
  2. The tiny being in my phone that lied to me about closed roads.
  3. The person who scheduled a race
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Today was the last class of a mini series I taught at the public library, and it went pretty well.
  1. Everyone is smiling!
  2. No one is scared to share their rough drafts!
  3. People actually give constructive feedback!
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I have a newly discovered milk allergy. I live in Wisconsin. It's a problem.
  1. Frozen Custard
    Specifically the magical kind from Culver's.
  2. Pie a la mode
  3. Pesto at a Restaurant
    Because crazy Americans keep adding cream. "Without the cream it's just a bunch of chopped up green stuff. What wants that?" Me! I want that.
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Because you gotta spice up those long distance friendships somehow.
  1. Leafy Seadragons
    They look like floating seaweed and come in orange, gold, and teal!
  2. Pink Fairy Armadillo
    Fur and armor? #whaaaat?!
  3. Zebras
    When your bestie lives in Tanzania you get all the best pictures.
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Celebrating the small stuff
  1. Sunshine Alarm Clock
    Waking up to the cheery sunshine and nothing else!
  2. Pancakes for breakfast
    With blueberries!
  3. Sweet Dreams
    No trapped-in-high-school dreams for me! No ants eating me alive! Only the gentle sway of a Rover boat, and the sounds of New Orleans jazz.
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