Random pictures on my phone

but I'm not telling you how many!
  1. Daughter at the park today.
    It was barely forty degrees this morning and she refused to put on socks. Two-year-olds are fucking idiots.
  2. Maybe a monkey?
    My other kid note likes to take pictures on my phone. He's not good at it yet.
  3. A work picture.
    One of my jobs is to be a trivia host; this is from the last tournament. It's a pretty dope gig.
  4. A work picture.
    My other job is at Aveda Corp, and they brought in birds from the Raptor Center on Earth Day. That was rather awesome.
  5. Cover of a book that reminded me of Prince because I can't stop being sad when I think about him being dead.
    See, Prince was amazing at throwing shade at people who were beneath him. And we were all beneath him. #restinpurple
  6. Prince throwing shade.
    This wasn't on my phone before this list, but now that it is, I'm sure it's going to come in handy.