My full time gig is becoming increasingly boring and potentially obsolete within the next year. But I can't quit now!
  1. We go on field trips.
    Today I'm getting paid to volunteer (is that an oxy moron?) to pull Garlic Mustard Weeds along the Mississippi River, on top of the fact that I'd be paid to be at work today anyway.
  2. I learn stuff all the time.
    Sometimes about meditation, sometimes about MS Office 365 and the ambitious molasses which is corporate updating, but nearly every day I have a chance to learn something. I can also advise you on how to use about 200 different hair, body, and skin care products, which is bound to come in handy no where else.
  3. I have a modest salary but awesome benefits.
    Three and a half weeks paid vacation plus two weeks sick time plus comprehensive insurance for my family plus generous discounts on aforementioned products. Best of all, at least while I have a toddler, our daycare is on-site and affordable.
  4. I've worked here for nearly twelve years.
    It was literally the first job I landed out of college. I haven't had the exact same job this whole time, but same company, to the point where it's part of my identity and distinctive smell.
  5. It really does smell nice here.
    It's hard to describe, but if something smells like Aveda, it certainly smells good.
  6. Okay, I'm not quitting today.