The best apps I have to have after a fresh install
  1. 1Password
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    Keep & organize all your passwords & sync them across all devices.
  2. Tweetbot 4
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    If you don't like ads in your feed & you want the ability to mute w/ precision rather than A hammer.
  3. Television time
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    The best way to keep track & check in on the best TV. Keep up to date with air times & never miss a show again.
  4. Overcast
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    Marco's best work IMO. Now w/ 3D Touch & streaming it's awesome!
  5. 2do
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    GTD is a breeze w/ this. User friendly & plenty of YouTube walk through videos.
  6. Launch center pro
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    It's like a quick way to get around your phone. 3D Touch support & a today widget are the things I love.
  7. Authy
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    Best way to keep track of all your 2-step verification codes.
  8. Great Big Story
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    Cool short videos that give you insight on events around you.
  9. Enlight
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    The second app I like to use to edit photos.
  10. Pixelmator
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    Another photo editing app… can't have enough but these would be the three I must use.
  11. Honorable Mention: Darkroom
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    One of two apps I use to edit photos. Pretty powerful for an iOS app.