Not finished binging them, will update as I find more I love. For @norrybear
  1. Fu Go
    For when you want a beautiful, simple image in history stuck in your brain
  2. Sight Unseen
    For when you want to hold your breath until you explode but get a listen on the war overseas
  3. Mau Mau
    For when you simultaneously love and hate history and also the government
  4. Eye in the Sky
    For when you're feeling lonely and angry with the world but then something can fix both of those things
  5. Haunted
    For when you want to cry tears of melancholy / feel creepy and paranormal / just read House of Leaves / freak out
  6. Are You Sure?
    For when you are thinking about Making a Murderer / questioning your entire life
  7. Outside Westgate
    For some thrills / bad reporting / maybe government conspiracies?!
  8. Words Words Words
    For when Saussure comes back to haunt you
  9. The Walls of Jericho
    For when you think about knocking down a wall with trumpets
  10. Kill 'Em All
    For when you want to hate mosquitos even more but are interested in what would happen if they all died
  11. The Cathedral
    When you want to cry your eyes out about parents who save their child in a video game