7:36 take off. 10:50 arrival. First time on JetBlue.
  1. I got a window seat :D
  2. Wrote a poem on my way out about how cold it is outside but how the wind makes the de-ice look really pretty.
  3. My music seems to fit my mood at every moment.
    Examples: The World At Large - Modest Mouse, 10 Mile Stereo - Beach House, etc.
  4. The awful smell of someone's fast food salad that they're eating at 8:30pm??
  5. Children don't scream on these flights because it's past their bed time.
    It's heavenly wonder.
  6. The woman next to me doesn't like me because I asked to put the arm rest down.
  7. She is also playing solitaire with the brightness on her iPad turned up FULL.
    Like dude it's 8:45 don't fry your eyeballs or mine thanks.
  8. The painfully obvious Colorado transplants behind me.
    How tf am I supposed to finish Yiddish Policeman's Union?!?! IT'S VERY IMPORTANT I FINISH THIS DAMN BOOK
  10. "Honestly what keeps me moving all year is finally getting to go back west..." - said by transplant behind me
    I probably say things like this too, but I'm a TRUE Coloradan.
  11. "I wish I had more girls on snapchat."
    Proceeds to go through his stories and narrate how he doesn't care about the girls he is friends with on snapchat.
    The transplants turned from bad to ugly real quick in that moment.
  13. I'm going to fucking fly over fucking Niagara Falls and it's fucking dark out
  14. Edit on the woman next to me: she turned on her light so I could read. She is a very nice human.
    Probably a Coloradan.
  15. She also said she was a "prodigious sleeper" when I expressed my concern over her ability to nap with the light on.
  16. The gentleness of a mother with her baby as she bounces him back to sleep.
    I know how cheesy that sounds but if I hate children and found that sweet, I think that means something nice is happening.
  17. I listened to shitty pop because JetBlue gives us free SiriusXM. And I ENJOYED IT.
    Features: My House - Flo Rida, Sorry - Justin Bieber, Perfect - One Direction, Hands To Myself - Selena Gomez
  18. I'll pay $25 for my checked bag if I'm allowed to eat $25 of the popcorners popped kettle chips.
  19. I spent 3 out of the 4 hours of this flight trying to figure out the wifi and now I've got flyfi.
    Internally: I HAVE WIFI ON A PLANE?!
  20. Even just flying over a place with little light pollution makes the stars amazing.
  21. Landed. 10:40pm, MST.
  22. Is this home?