1. Football and baseball are most enjoyable when watched side by side.
  2. Scores early in the game by Broncos. Love an upstart P. Manning.
  3. I LOVE the Carrie Underwood NFL song....LOVE!
    Hope she got paid enough money to drown out her conscience.
  4. Top half of the Royals' innings going quite quickly.
  5. Would be fun to cheer for a Royals score.
  6. Really need a KC baseball hat.
  7. I heart Royals double plays.
  8. Really love that Snow Day Nike commercial.
    Will defeat winter depression by dressing in Nike gear and playing football in the snow with professional athletes
  9. Dear Royals - good job preventing more Mets runs. Let's also get at least two more runs ourselves.
    At least three runs now. (Maybe more - 6th inning)
  10. Ok. If we don't win this game, we win next game.
  11. We are now at the point in the game when we're unabashedly yelling at the game...in public. #royals