Over the years, people have said I look like these people. Some I agree with. Others have made me VERY confused. Who do people say YOU look like?
  1. Carson Daly (I then ask, "MTV TRL Carson? Or THE VOICE Carson?" They then usually reply, "Neither. TODAY SHOW Carson." I then realize that Carson works a lot more than I do...)
  2. Jimmy Neutron
  3. Cory Monteith (A few weeks after he died a girl on Molly at Lollapalooza came up to me and SWORE I was him, even after I told her I was not. Multiple times. I gave her some water and a place to sit.)
  4. Jason Kennedy. (I get it. I'm a white guy who used to be on E! and I'm not Seacrest...but seriously?)
  5. Ben Affleck (Early Affleck. Like 'Reindeer Games' Affleck.)
  6. Armie Hammer (I'm convinced that if you give any woman over the age of 37 three glasses of Chardonnay at a wedding that I'm at, she will come up to me by the end of the night and tell me I was great in 'The Social Network'.)
  7. Retired Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić
  8. John Krasinski (I wish Emily Blunt would get us mixed up every once in a while, but sadly she knows the difference.)