Life has been particularly stressful lately.
  1. A warm beverage (preferably some sort of decaffeinated tea).
  2. A cooler room (temperature wise).
  3. Soothing Celtic music drifting in on a gentle breeze coming from wherever.
  4. A small furry animal to cuddle with (puppy, kitten, ferret, idc. Just as long as it's furry and that they want to cuddle me).
  5. A specific person that I want to cuddle with (I miss him so much).
  6. Affordable, easily accessible, and trans-friendly therapy (very difficult to find).
  7. Anti-depressants, most likely.
  8. For the platonic cuddles with the specific person mentioned above to turn into kissing (and possibly sex) (don't worry: The furry animal will not be present for this portion of the night).
  9. For the person and animal I'm cuddling with to spend the night (and he'd be spooning me and I would be spooning said furry animal).
  10. Money. Just all the money.
  11. For us all to wake up refreshed and completely stress-free.