Charlie's look book so far

With a nod to Natalie Dormer and Willow Smith
  1. Juxtaposition of romantic, flowing waves with cropped side and graphic print.
  2. Another play on opposites: shaved head, beachy blonde blowout with shattered ends against white lace top.
  3. Willow knows her style!
  4. Worn with ballet flats. I prefer lug boots or hightops.
  5. 3 teens to study: Kiernan Shipka, Zendaya, and HRH Willow Smith ❤️ Char is easily as cool.
  6. Loving the astronomy-type shirt. CER could rock SCIENCE, Nature, animals, and her brand of political Truth (as she develops it)
  7. Tres Rat?
  8. (Sources)
  9. Kiernan Shipka edge.
  10. Willow Smith adorable.
  11. Global funk.
  12. Remember when we had to take lipstick/gloss away from a certain toddler? 😂💋
  13. Cool
  14. Global funk little Willow style.
  15. New *blackwomanmagic* face of Chanel. Lagerfeld picks Willow Smith- a beautiful African American young woman! Yes!
  16. Very Rat. Willow's own line, I think.
  17. Fawn Shoppe
    Omg srsly? Any good? Sizes?
  18. Research
  21. Zendaya casual
  22. Z
  23. Z
  24. She loves the rolled out of bed look. Who doesn't?!
  25. Z