I survived this week in the Cleve

Oy gevalt, RNC. Yay, comixcast.com !!!
  1. Joyce Brabner, comic book goddess, long-time activist, gardener
    (Widow of Harvey Pekar, CLE comic book god, American Splendor film)
  2. Multi-cultural, inter-generational, diverse-perspective comics artists converge on Cleveland, Ohio to observe the Republican National Convention and it's effects on our city. And Trump, can I think of more hyphenations to describe the effects this lunatic is already having on our country?
  3. Seth Tobocman
  4. Tim Fielder
    Dieselfunk Afrofuturism
  5. The Fielder brothers interview their fellow Comixcaster, Vish Singh, the Sikh Captain America.
  6. Vish Singh
  7. Mark Zingarelli
  8. Vish Singh, Joachin Junco, Jr., Tim Fielder
  9. Katie and me
  10. Me with Joachin
  11. Practicing stencils
  12. Vish picked my message to send to the Donald ❤️
  13. Bill Sienkievicz
  14. Seth Tobocman
  15. Joyce's letter